Prototyping Reality

July 2020Sebastian Wloch, Valerie Garci-Crespo Lopez
Exploring spatial and context-sensitive interfaces with bachelor students at the university of applied sciences potsdam.

How can we harness the potential of new technologies like augmented reality as designers to address challenges like climate change or the COVID-19 pandemic?

We are in the middle of a transformation process from closed and two-dimensional interfaces to spatial applications. Augmented reality anchors the virtual in our real world and allows us to interact with digital information in an environment we are used to. In order to actively shape this transformation as designers, we explored methods for prototyping spatial interfaces and applied them to several exciting use cases.

As this was my first full-semester course as a tutor, it was very exciting to gain teaching experience and work with a team of highly motivated students. Many thanks to my Co-Totor Valerie Garci-Crespo Lopez!

The course took part in the university-wide climate-focused semester. More Info here: Prototyping Reality Course @ Klimaschau

These projects were created within the course:

Sustainability Challenge

Lele Schlaich and Nina Zeisler

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Tim Hönig and Marcus Schindler

TindAR - a Dating-Dystopia

Celia Staffa, Stefanie-Jane Apitz and Lena Hoffmann

AR Speech - Learn languages playfully

Anastasia Jerdeva, Leon Wolff and Vanessa Schmitt

ARC – Public construction projects

Jocelyn Neumann, Jannis Hektor and Kenny Löffler

Berlin X Music X AR

Benjamin Kaczynski and Pascal Schwientek

FemaleHealth — Future Women’s Healthcare

Maryna Honcharenko

Here you will find more information about the projects:

Stefanie-Jane Apitz, Jannis Hektor, Lena Hoffmann, Maryna Honcharenko, Tim Hönig, Anastasia Jerdeva, Benjamin Kaczynski, Kenny Löffler, Jocelyn Neumann, Marcus Schindler, Lele Schlaich, Vanessa Schmitt, Pascal Schwientek, Celia Staffa, Leon Wolff, Nina Zeisler