WirVsVirus Hackathon: Homie

March 2020Tim Ebert, Valeria Garci-Crespo Lopez, Timo Hausmann, Sebastian Wloch
With support by the german government, 28.000 people participated in this massive hackathon in March 2020. The goal: Tackle the problems following COVID-19. Our approach: Keep friends close while practicing social distancing!

The Concept Behind Homie

Out of the neccessity for social distancing and to "flatten the curve", many people all over the world spend a lot of their time at home. To prevent feeling lonely and stay in touch with friends, we thought of an app, that would recommend activities you could do while keeping physical distance. Activities range from Netflix Parties to Yoga Workouts or Ideas for the whole family. 

Personalized Experience

While some activities have to potential to be part of your daily routine, others are more likely for special occasions. Therefore Homie learns as you use the app and tries to improve it's suggestions e.g. based on your liked activities and daytime. Additionally, tags are used to allow for a better understanding of related activities.


Empower the user!

While Homie is ultimately recommending all kinds of activities, the users form the basis of the app, as they are able to add their own loved activities. Other users provit of the resulting variety of activities and share them with their friends.

Homie is a concept created at a weekend hackathon supported by the german goverment and multiple organisations. The team of four design students at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam consisted of Tim Ebert, Valeria Garci-Crespo Lopez, Timo Hausmann and Sebastian Wloch.