Feminist Music

January 2020Tim Ebert, Sebastian Wloch
While many global Movements fight for equality of opportunity and gender equality, we analysed the way artists use music as a medium to promote gender equality.

For many years feminists fought and are still fighting for equality and women rights. Music is one of the most universal ways to communicate ideas and express oneself, with the potential to reach a broad audience. Of course, the industry itself has it shortcomings when it comes to gender equality, diversity und inclusion. Even so, more and more remarkable feminist artists are strifing and have a positive impact inside this space.

With datasets from Wikipedia, the world’s biggest free encyclopedia and Spotify, one of the biggest music streaming platforms in the world as primary sources, the following data visualisation takes a closer look on those artists.

Through carefully analysing and polishing these large datasets we can begin to explore questions like: What characterises a feminist artists? Which role do parameters like popularity, location, music genre or gender play? Where are the differences and similarities? Is there a focus on a specific genre or how do they compare to the general music industry?

Take a look at the data exploration on your own:
Data Exploration: Feminist Music